Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Taking the Plunge

Last night I decided to go ahead and do it. I bought the kit from Weeds & Wildflowers and decided to do P365 . I think it might have been the Smirnoff Ice I had just finished that "helped" me decide. ha ha ha!

This morning I started scrapping Jan 1 -10. When it is done, I will upload it here. I do not get to work on it now, though. I am trying to homeschool this morning and I have a second grader who does not want to do his math. Doesn't he know that makes me want to stop far the day so I can scrap?? We got lots more to go, so I hope he gets done soon. I have a cool lesson for science about Velcro and I think he will like it. He has a big motivation to finish school, too. When he is done for the day, he is allowed to play Wii. If he refuses to do his work, no Wii until he is caught up. In the fall, he was grounded from the Wii for three days because he refused to do his lessons. I think he "learned his lesson" that week. LOL!

Yeah! He just handed me his finished math sheet!

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